What is Included in a Preschool Curriculum?

For every parent there comes a time when they have to send their young child to a preschool like Tessa. This may be the longest period of time that they’ve ever spent away from their child unless they were accustomed to using a daycare. For that reason, picking just the right preschool is an important consideration and some research needs to be done on what’s available in the local area. Here are some tips on choosing the right school with the right curriculum as well.

Above All, A Safe And Caring Environment Is Paramount

It doesn’t matter if they are turning out rocket scientists or TV actors if the school itself isn’t safe for your child it’s a moot point. So the first thing that needs to be ascertained as if the place is safe for your child to get to, play in, and be in, each and every day. You’ll want to take a tour of the school and make sure the fencing, access, and security are all top notch.

Do they have safety crossings with adult crossing guards in the morning and afternoon? Do they make sure children are only checked out with pre-approved people and not just anyone that knows your name? Are the playgrounds well fenced with adult supervision and the doors to the school kept locked except for the main entry that has people watching? These are important safety measures that all schools need to take in every city these days.

Finally, do they make background checks on their teachers, janitors, maintenance workers and all administrative personnel? Don’t let anyone slide on this, sometimes a school will make an exception for a family member of an owner that turns out to be a criminal.

What is The Preschool Curriculum Like?

On the one hand, most of what preschoolers learn are basic principals of good behavior. How to be nice to others, sharing, paying attention, following instructions, and then learning how to learn. But, if you have a goal of your child becoming fluent in a second language, preschool is the best time to start. Children have the ability to learn languages better at a younger age and being exposed to the different sounds, words, and grammar of another language in preschool sets them up to have an easier time later on.

As far as the rest of the preschool curriculum, they should be learning mostly the basics like colors, shapes, letters of the alphabet, sounds, names of animals, and other things that will be the foundation of learning in the future. Learning how to get along with others, work together in groups, playing with others, are all important skills for that age of children too. Learning complicated subjects like math and science should be kept to a lower level since younger children won’t retain much of what they learn until later.

The most important thing about sending your child to preschool is getting them on the road to learning so that when they hit Kindergarten they have the basics down and can begin to absorb more complicated subjects. Many studies have shown that kids that are exposed to good learning environments throughout their lives find better jobs and have happier lives in adulthood as well.